I’ve Started Using Doom

1 minute read

I have started using the Doom Emacs text editor.

It’s awesome! I’ve been a pretty faithful Vim user for about 15 years now. But actually before that I was an Emacs user. I don’t remember why I originally chose Emacs. Sometime around the year 2000 I went to a Linux install fest on a Saturday at BYU and learned how to install Fedora on my chunky Dell laptop. I think the guy that helped me told me to use Emacs. So I guess I did. But when I was doing my doctoral studies my advisor used vi (not even Vim - it was vi). I installed Vim one weekend and I have never really looked back from there. Vim has served me well. And I don’t miss the so-called Emacs Pinky at all. Vim’s modal editing is simply amazing. I don’t think I could write anything serious without it.

I never really got into the editor wars. I remember liking Emacs and certainly I understood those that preferred it. But once Vim rewired by brain, it always has felt like I didn’t have much choice. And I’ve been very productive in Vim for years now.

The thing about Doom is that it is Vim emulation within Emacs. And it rocks!!! It turns out the best text editor is neither Vim or Emacs - it’s both! It’s peanut butter and chocolate. It’s country and western. It’s Neil Young and Stephen Stills.

Here is a screenshot:


And here is Young and Stills trading some pretty killer lines:

Almost Cut My Hair

And here is a bonus track of Neil Young’s Helpless set to some beautiful images from my neck of the woods.

Helpless in Cache Valley

This song is all Neil Young goodness, but what would the song be without Stills on that volume pedal?!

It’s a pretty great thing in both economics and engineering when you turn a tradeoff situation into a twofer.